So, you want to disable Java in your browsers?

Yesterday I read about a new Java 0-day exploit that allows executing arbitrary programs on victim computers just by accessing a Web page, without any confirmation from the users.

I need Java Runtime Environment for a very nice app that I use: Geogebra. This and some Yahoo! Messenger games (like Pool or Backgammon) were the only reasons I still keep JRE installed.
I really don’t need the Java plugin enabled in any browser and for major browsers this shouldn’t be a big issue. There are specific and documented ways for disabling Java.

A pretty tricky problem is that my browser of choice is Maxthon 3 (don’t ask me why) and disabling the Java browser plugin isn’t as easy via UI as in other browsers. Even if Maxthon supports two engines (Chrome and IE), it doesn’t expose advanced options (like about:plugins or about:config in other browsers) that would allow better plugin control.

So, the problem was finding a way to disable the Java plugin in Maxthon (and in my other browsers), but still keep the JRE installed in order to use it for Geogebra.

(Please note that I’m referring to Java, not JavaScript – these are two very different technologies. I’m pointing this out because searching the net for stuff like „how to disable Java in browser” I found quite a lot of results that actually referred to JavaScript. This is not the place to elaborate on the issue.)

The nicest trick I found for solving my problem was (now I’m assuming the reader has some prior knowledge of manipulating the Windows Registry… and that he’s using Windows):
(1) open the Registry Editor;
(2) in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE find (CTRL+F) the key named MozillaPlugins (its location varies based on OS architecture – 32/64 bit; ex. in Windows 7 64 bit the location should be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MozillaPlugins\);
(3) expand that key, export the keys named like*;
(4) delete those java keys.

This single move disabled the Java plugin in Maxthon 3, Firefox 15 and Chrome 18. I didn’t bother for Internet Explorer, since I don’t use it (except for testing some of my Web apps). Note that disabling Java in IE affects the Yahoo! Messenger games mentioned above. Also note that by clicking a Java applet placeholder in Maxthon, even after deleting those registry keys, an empty dialog with two buttons is displayed (when you click on the left button the browser tries to retrieve the plugin from the Web).

After all those changes you might want to test your browser.

This is, of course, a quick and dirty fix for a 0-day situation, not a thorough solution.


Cum să obţii un MP3 dintr-un clip de pe YouTube


  • pe YouTube sau pe orice alt sait asemănător ai găsit un cântec care îţi place şi ai vrea să-l salvezi pe calculatorul tău;
  • ai căutat deja pe DC (sau reţeaua ta preferată de P2P) şi nu ai găsit nimic.

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